Wedding Teaser: Rings

My parents were generous enough to purchase our wedding rings. They had only one request, that they were matching. My request, that they were not boring plain bands.

Fulfilling both requests was surprisingly hard. After a very lengthy Google search session, I finally found a few I liked.

Matching wedding rings. Half satin finish, half cubic zirconia stones.
Unfortunately a little bit typical.

This set was described as having a satin finish for his ring, and “multiple cubic zirconia stones” for hers. Felt like kind of a stereotypical choice for a matching-but-not-identical ring set. Better than those split heart ones though (you know, half a heart on his, and the other half on hers).

Matching hammered wedding bands.
We rarely get hammered though. </omgLamePun> tinahdee

I love how organic this looks! It’s not too shimmery because Fiancé wants something plain (ah yes, request #3, just to make the search even more impossible. Matching and not plain, but plain!). I learned that this was what jewelers meant when they said something had a hammered finish.

Matching faceted ring set. lolide

The more pronounced version of the hammered finish, the faceted finish. They had various metals available, so I would be able to match it with my engagement ring (as shown on the hedgehog in this blog post’s featured image). I love how abstract and contemporary it looked, how there were so many details on it, and yet it could be subtle if it wanted to.

Matching bark and branh wedding ring set
Bark and branch wedding ring set. brightsmith

I gasped at this. I am such a sucker for nature-related things! This tree bark and branch set made me realize that our rings could match in a way that isn’t just visually the same! Genius!

  • Matching: Yes, conceptually!
  • Interesting: Yes, it’s even nature-related!
  • Plain: Yes, nothing shimmery here!

The final kicker was that we had a good relationship with our jeweler so far, and he told us to bring in some photos of rings we liked and he’d try his best to match it (my future Mother-in-Law is buying me jewelry as a wedding gift. I’m definitely going to see if we can purchase something straight from brightsmith!) . We went early February and made a purchase; we’re supposed to get the final rings by April!

What do your rings look like? Do they match?

Update April 4, 2016: Turns out the jeweler was done last month (on my birthday!) but wasn’t able to reach us. We poked our heads into the store a couple of days ago, and picked up our rings! I have mixed feelings about mine (“Does it really match my engagement ring? Is that too much bling on my hand??”), but an overall positive feel, so I’m confident it will grow on me. I won’t be showing you the actual wedding rings, but here is Fiancé’s bonus ring:

Fiancé's bonus tungsten ring.
Made of tungsten for durability!




Engagement ring on a clay hedgehog.




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