Wedding Teaser: Paper Plants?

I’ve been working hard lately on a series of posts. : ) I’ve got one queued up, one in the making, and one more to start.

In the meanwhile, I thought I’d write a quick post re: wedding preparations.

I’m in the middle of making paper plants (see: featured image). I suck at everything plant related. I managed to kill an african violet as well as kale. They’re supposed to be hardy. I can’t draw plants, I can’t paint plants. I don’t know how to arrange plants.

Yet here I am, fumbling with floral tape for the first time in my life. It is such a weird material. It’s not sticky, but with heat it can be. It’s stretchy, but tears easily. It stays on the wire, but you can also slide it up and down to fix spacing.

It’s so frustrating, but so rewarding at the same time.

Have you tried something new recently?

Pro tip (because an hour of experience means I’m a pro now): Bend the end of the wire you aren’t currently working on. This allows you better control (eg if you’re rearranging the leaves and want to turn them, the bend gives you something to hold onto). Just straighten it out when you’re done.




DIY Paper willow stems



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