I Love My Fujifilm X-A1

My original post regarding my new DSLR was getting quite long-winded, so I thought I’d separate it into friendlier chunks.

I actually bought it at the beginning of April. Not sure if you noticed, but some of my previous posts’ photos were sharper and had a better shallow depth of field.

So, having used my favourite camera for about 2 weeks now, I’ve definitely both swooned over it and pondered over frustrations.

Things I Love About My Fujifilm X-A1 (in no particular order)

  • It is lighter than a DSLR
  • Apparently some enthusiasts say the build is cheap. I find it feels sturdy and durable
  • I love the feel of the dials and buttons
  • The mechanism behind the tilting LCD screen feels solid
  • The “Q” button to access the quick menu!
  • The flash is spring loaded and has joints. This means I can point the flash in various directions!
The flash mechanism for the Fujifilm X-A1
The Best Buy guy told me about angling the flash around. Up until that point, I was stubbornly anti-flash.
  • The focus peaking feature is surprisingly useful!
    • Same with being able to zoom in on the focus point!
  • Fujifilm provides 2 years of warranty upon registering the product. My credit card company tacks on an additional year of coverage.
  • The mechanism for the flap covering the battery and SD card feels durable! You close the flap, then slide a lock into place. I enjoyed this MUCH more than the typical strategy where you mash the flap into the body until it stays shut.

Things I Don’t Love

  • The tilting LCD screen only moves in one axis. When I rotated my camera for portrait shots, I found this really limiting.
  • According to Arjay, the mirrorless aspect means my shutter count increases more than the number of photos I actually took.
  • Macro shots with the lens that came with the camera (Fujinon XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS) aren’t really that macro. (I know it’s not a macro lens. I don’t have the money for one, but I heavily adore macro shots)
  • Zooming in on playback is done with a dial (the same one for changing f). As I am mindful of wear and tear, this worries me.
  • Zoom ring is kind of stiff.
  • The provided neck strap cuts into my neck.


Overall, I recommend it, it’s awesome!







Fujifilm X-A1 pros and cons



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