DIY Brief: Snuggle Mattress

First world problems.

The scenario:

Dog entered our lives ⇒ dog loves cuddles ⇒ humans love cuddles ⇒ dog not allowed on couches or beds (for cleanliness and pack hierarchy reasons*)  ⇒ humans either crouch / bend down to pet dog, or use feet to pet dog  ⇒ moderate cuddling satisfaction for both parties ⇒ moderate happiness.

*I know this is a topic with many opinions, but we’ve got a good thing going and I don’t want to mess it up. I’m pretty particular about having clean couches and beds anyway, so this was for the better.

How cuddly are your pets? This dog can go on for hours.

Cricket asking for belly rubs. All the time.
Her “I want cuddles” face.

Our solution was the uncreatively-named Snuggle Mattress. Essentially, it was a foam pillow topper on the ground. My brilliant mind decided that we would buy it a duvet cover to keep it clean.

This was the perfect solution because:

It was more ergonomic

  • Our ankles and bums won’t hurt from prolonged petting (we have hardwood floors).
  • We spoiled ourselves and ordered a queen size! Legs, consider yourselves stretched out.

It avoided/minimized psychological dog issues before it became a problem

  • Its shape was distinct enough (literal shape, height, location) such that Cricket wasn’t likely to extrapolate snuggle mattress permissions to couches + beds.
  • We could roll it up and put it away quite easily so that it doesn’t become a third [giant] dog bed – avoiding territorial issues.
    • However, setting it out was not super easy, so we don’t do it frequently. This kept the snuggle mattress a treat for much longer!

It was a satisfying frugal solution

  • The duvet cover could be removed and washed.
  • It only costed $45: the mattress topper was $33 ($26 for a double if we didn’t spoil ourselves), and the duvet cover was $12 at the thrift store
  • If we changed our minds and decided to ban Cricket from it, we could instead use it on top of our queen air mattress (camping is going to feel too luxurious!)
Airing out the mattress topper.
It had some chemical smells out of the package, but a day of airing on the balcony completely got rid of it!

The steps were so simple!

  1. Buy desired mattress topper size.
  2. Buy duvet cover to match the mattress.*
  3. Wash and sew duvet cover so that it fits well.
    • Do this while airing out the mattress topper.
  4. Put mattress topper into duvet cover, enjoy with your closest (in proximity and in love!) furry friend.

*Keep in mind that a duvet cover for say, a twin-sized bed is actually much larger than a twin-sized mattress.You might be better off measuring your mattress topper before buying the cover.

Prepping the duvet cover for sewing.
You can see I’m a wannabe artist because I’m using paints and paintbrushes to hold my duvet cover while I prep it for sewing.

Of course we did our first test run in our pyjamas.

It was a success!

Snuggling with Cricket on the snuggle mattress.
Note to self: work on that sofa cover soon!

What sorts of silly things have you done for your furry friend?




DIY floor mattress for snuggling with your dog. Or cat.


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