I’m Back!

What a busy time it’s been! My last post was over a month ago – but I have a good excuse! I stopped posting because it was 2.5 weeks until my wedding and I still hadn’t finished making my bouquet (or my veil, or my make up, or my hairstyle…)!

Cricket moping as she is driven off to be boarded.
Cricket was quite upset that she couldn’t go to the wedding (she had a LOT of fun being boarded with the vet tech though).

Everyone always warns you about how busy you’d be before the wedding, but no one tells you about how busy you’d be after as well!

For the week immediately following the wedding, our schedules were packed with meet ups with friends who couldn’t make it, and relatives we were only able to chat with for a few minutes during the reception… It was all very fun! Since our friends moved away from our city for their new jobs and new relationships, we haven’t met up with them very often lately. I appreciated seeing them all and feeling their love. : )

Wedding party decor
One of our friends who couldn’t make it hosted a wedding party for us! Cricket was invited.

The week after that was jam-packed with errands. We’ve put off so many things just to work on the wedding. Our car was ill and needed its tires changed, the entire house needed to be cleaned, groceries stocked, little projects completed (e.g. we picked up a shoe cabinet that needed some fixing)…

There were also many things to do as a result of the wedding – but it was mostly fun stuff! We needed to design, print, and mail thank you cards, we had to open our gifts and start using them, we needed to tidy up and put away wedding stuff…

Wedding and engagement rings
Showcasing my rings, the vials we used during our tree ceremony, and the bouquet of flowers my friend gifted me. <3

How many days (weeks?) of post-wedding errands/chores did you have?

Chat again real soon!





Wedding rings displayed on copper giraffe. Post-wedding errands.



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