The Latest of Spring Cleanings

*dusting all the blog dust off*

It’s been a long time! Unfortunately when I last posted about returning, I wasn’t actually ready, in retrospect. But how could I have known. I’m trying to practice self-forgiveness.

A lot has happened since I last posted two months ago. So so much.

Not to list excuses, but…

  • Car
    • Our car broke down. We spent a month searching for a ‘new’ one.
    • Then we had to sell our old car
Afrisa in her new 2010 Elantra Touring.
This car is a giant compared to our Tercel. I still park off-center.
  • Designing, printing, writing out, and mailing all our wedding Thank You cards (throw in the threat of a postal strike)
  • Wedding Photo Album
    • Going through all the wedding photos and choosing which ones to include
    • Manually correcting all ~400 photos before printing (colour, contrast, brightness, rotation…)
    • Filing all the photos away, and figuring out how to include keepsakes like our vows and greeting cards
  • Spending a week with my parents
    • Someone turned into my dad’s car, so we spent a better part of the week dealing with the aftermath (it was a very mild accident, but a rim still needed to be fixed)
  • Finally gathering enough motivation to tend to my 80% dead container garden (pictured in the feature image – you didn’t used to be able to see the soil)

Generally positive things, so I’m happy but mentally weary.

Changes to this Blog

I know this blog is very young, but what better time to keep changing and tweaking until I find the sweet spot? : )

I have so many new ideas for posts. A major shift will be towards more art related topics. I’m in the middle of figuring out a posting schedule, so hopefully you’ll hear from me more regularly.

I shall see you in my next post soon! : )



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