Watercolour Painting Workspace


Yesterday I sat down to continue working on a watercolour painting for my Mother-in-Law. I picked up my brush, then paused. My workspace looked so artistically messy, it made me happy – which is important to me right now, because as a long time artist’s block sufferer (seven years and counting!), any bit of motivation counts.

Any tips for getting over creative blocks? Share them in the comments! : )!

Lemme do a quick tour (the arrangement of things are changed since yesterday, since I tweaked it to almost-perfection):

Tour of my watercolour painting workspace.

  1. Laptop: Used to display my reference image, as well as to play YouTube videos. When my mind gets into the zone I usually tune everything out, but I still prefer having noise around. Music for some reason, isn’t as good as chatter.
  2. Tripod + Phone: I am a sucker for timelapse videos. It also helps me see my progress, which is a huge motivation boost.
  3. Reference Items: The miniature trial painting I did for my Mother-in-Law to approve before I started the real thing, and paint swatches so I know how the colours will look on paper.
  4. SNACKS: Yes, I’m eating crackers with chopsticks. Everything with chopsticks is better.
  5. Refuse Container *New Addition!*: I bought these watercolour paints a decade ago. An advantage to watercolours (vs say, acrylics) is that it doesn’t matter if it dries out on the palette; you just add water and keep going. A symptom of this characteristic is that as an art block patient, I believe I’ve only ever had to open and squeeze these tubes a total of twice. So when I decided to refill my palette with paint, I had to deal with dry paint chips falling off of the tube, paint separation which meant some clear, oily liquid was coming out instead of the paint…. A refuse container just seemed logical.

Show me your workspaces! : )

I’m still learning a lot about using watercolours. Variegated washes are still very difficult for me, as well as fixing mistakes! I’m still definitely much more comfortable with acrylics.

My colour swatches and thumbnail painting.
Newbie mistake #1: Not pre-wetting my swatch paper.

Update (Sept 9, 2016): I’ve finished my painting! Take a look! : )



Check out my watercolour painting workspace!

11 thoughts on “Watercolour Painting Workspace

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Mine’s a storebrand tripod from Best Buy. It’s a 58″ Insignia for $45 CAD (tax included) – good for low budgets, but it’s also very basic. For instance, there’s no hook on it to add weight, the angle of the centre column is not adjustable… But for me, it gets the job done. : )

      Couple other good tripods I ran into while researching:
      – more features, but a bit more pricey: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B004XC3GWU
      – great for if you’re shooting using a phone: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B009GHYMB6

      Hope that helps! : ) : )

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