DIY Brief: Hydration Stamp

I have been bullet journaling for a little while now, and one of my favourite things are trackers. However I hate repetition, so redrawing a tracker over and over again makes me just not want to bother.

So I made my own stamp for the hydration tracker. I know there are a lot of stamp sets out there now, but there’s just something so satisfying about designing your very own to suit your specific needs. My tracker is a cup that I “fill up”, and my personal goal is to drink 10 cups/day.

DIY hydration tracker stamped with yellow, green, and blue markers
My favourite is when the imperfections in the negative space are revealed upon stamping. I find it gives it a rough, sketchy character.


  • Linoleum cutter handle and blades (I used Speedball)
  • Printmaking block (I used Soft-Kut)
  • Pencil
  • Water-based markers
  • Paper!

*No affiliate links, these were just the most economical options I had at my closest art store


  1. Draw your design with pencil on the printmaking block. Keep in mind when you stamp it, it will be a mirror image.
  2. Carve it out! (This is the simultaneously fun and frustrating part) Whatever you don’t carve will be stamped onto the page.
  3. Use markers to apply “ink” onto your stamp.
  5. To wash the stamp, just rinse with water, let dry, use again later! <3

Do you keep a bullet journal? If you do, what trackers did you wish you had a stamp for?







DIY hydration tracker for bullet journaling, ink using markers



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