DIY Brief: Dog Costume

If you’re scrambling last minute to get your dog a costume, I’ve got your back. ;p


  • Microsoft Word
  • Printer + Paper
  • Scissors
  • Bristol board (red is easiest, but any colour works)
    • Red construction paper if your bristol board isn’t red
  • White (gesso is better) and yellow paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue
Using Microsoft Word to create a Beanie Baby tag for my dog's Hallowe'en costume.
The poem actually came surprisingly easily – I should consider being a poet.


  1. Create the inside and back of the tag (all the wordy stuff) on Microsoft Word. Print it, cut it out!
  2. Use the hearts you cut out to trace onto a folded piece of Bristol board. Cut that out too.

    WIP pieces of the ty Beanie Baby tag ready to be assembled into a dog costume!
    All cut out and ready!
  3. *SKIP THIS STEP if you’re really running out of time!* Paint the borders of the Bristol board white. Let dry, then paint with yellow. (I find yellow paint is usually a little translucent. Painting it white first helps bring out the colour.)

    Showing the difference in the vibrance of the yellow paint with and without priming first.
    Why you should prime first with white/gesso paint.
  4. Paint a star onto the front of the tag. Again, white first, then yellow.
  5. Glue everything together.
  6. Cut a hole in the top left and use a rubber band or string to attach onto your pet’s collar.
Cricket the black dog in her Beanie Baby Hallowe'en costume.
Ready to “trick-then-treat!”

There’s still time to make your pet a costume…! gogogogo!

Are you dressing your pet(s) up for Hallowe’en? What’s their costume?






14 thoughts on “DIY Brief: Dog Costume

      1. Haha ! No worries -I would have definitely dressed that little tank up if he didn’t hit the bucket :( I miss the little man, but I went through my stages of grief and have come to acceptance. lol. You are too sweet!

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